We need to have our say again

The Royal Mail want to relocate two delivery offices based in Brighton and Hove to Patcham Court Farm located on Vale Avenue in Patcham Village.

The Royal Mail conveniently submitted this Planning Application (BH2022/02232) while most people are busy on their Summer Holidays!


Here are just some of the reasons that the planning application should be objected on. 

  1. The Council's City Plan allocates the land for B1 Employment floorspace and this is B8 Industrial use.

  2. A B8 traffic movement-intensive use is totally out of character with the location bordering the national park with its scale and continuous traffic movements from staff entering and exiting the site as well Royal Mail distribution activities.

  3. The change of use will create a large rise in air, noise and light pollution. In particular to those residents in close proximity and  The impacts of noise, disturbance and pollution from vehicles associated with a B8 distribution use such as HGVs would be adverse for neighbouring properties and uses.

  4. Sleep deprivation of local residents, particularly those who's bedrooms look directly on to the proposed site and those who's bedrooms look out on Church Hill where 52 employees will walk up to work together from the Black Lion Bus Stop at 7am every morning.

  5. No job creation for the local area. There is no job creation, just a migration of existing employees.  As part of efficiency improvements it is entirely possible the move will lead to job losses with less managers, cleaners and other duplicated roles when the two sorting offices merge at this site.

  6. It is also clear from the travel survey that some existing employees cannot get here easily because of the rural nature of Patcham's transport links and the shift patterns - this leaves them excluded from their current employment and potentially looking for another job.

  7. The site would be better used to benefit residents. Many people work from home in the area or run small businesses and the original outlined use, re-purposing of existing buildings to be small workspaces or community office space would be of great benefit to the community and economically to Brighton & Hove.

Please take five minutes to object