We need to have our say again

The Royal Mail want to relocate two delivery offices based in Brighton and Hove to Patcham Court Farm located on Vale Avenue in Patcham Village.

The Royal Mail conveniently submitted this Planning Application (BH2022/02232) while most people are busy on their Summer Holidays!

Please take five minutes to object


Here are just some of the reasons that the planning application should be objected on. 


  1. Increased risk of flooding to Old London Road and the surrounding areas.

  2. The Park & Ride development was rejected in 2005 due to the flood risk it posed to the village. This again is a car park and poses similar risks. Particularly in extreme weather events where there planned water tanks cannnot hold enough water.

  3. Their flood risk document considers it acceptable to allow all excess water out the new road opposite the residential area and onto National Highways bypass infrastructure. This could flood the roundabout. 

  4. Modelling has only been completed on one weather event and it is not the type of rainfall pattern that Patcham received in 2000 when the village experienced extreme flooding. There is not enough modelling to assume that the site will not surcharge and flood down Church Hill or onto National Highways roads. 

  5. Their flood risk assessment details a 1 in 100 year flood risk assessment but severe flooding to the area occurred in 2000, 1960, 1925, 1915/1916 (24 hours on the 31st December), 1875 and many dates before that. Patcham does not have a 1 in 100 flood risk. 2014 was the last time flood evacuation plans were made and it was very close to being initiated due to danger to local residents.

  6. The Royal Mail flood risk assessment states that there is a flood risk to the proposed site at point and that this flooding could then escape from the site. It is likely any surcharge would come down Church Hill. As these are sewer systems it is likely that this surcharge would include sewage. This risks contamination of the water supply. 

    "As Vale Avenue is at a lower level than the development site, no flood risk is anticipated from this source. There is however a risk that the system could become surcharged as the pipe diameter is small, this could in turn affect the discharge of surface water from the proposed development."

    Further reading about the water supply and flooding at Patcham here

Please take five minutes to object